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Transparent Pricing

Since every return is different, it’s nearly impossible for us to give specific cost quotes. However, we still want you to have a basic idea of what to expect before even contracting our firm—no surprises. That’s why we’ve provided some general price ranges below for the most common return elements.


All Tax Returns

The baseline of services required to successfully file all tax returns, regardless of complexity. This covers longterm data storage, portal access for information security, filing method (electronic vs. paper), and our Protection Plus service guarantee.

$35 Technology & data storage
$14 E-filing
$36 Paper filing
$89.95 Protection Plus


Personal Returns

Starting at $245 (includes all fees listed above).


Amended Returns

Starting at $325.


Rental Properties

Add at least $175 per property.


Securities Transactions

Add at least $60.



Add at least $145.



Add at least $185.



Double the return cost.



Add at least $240 (external compiler service is required).


Ready to get started? Book an appointment today and we’ll take care of the rest.



Protection Plus For Extra Peace Of Mind.

Protection Plus, My Tax Guy In Houston.png

One of the many reasons why clients love us is the fact that we guarantee their return with our Protection Plus service offering. This is essentially a third-party insurance policy guaranteeing your return accuracy, and including automatic protection if the IRS decides to audit you for any reason whatsoever.

This way, you can rest easy knowing that you’re protected no matter what happens.

Protection Plus is our way of providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected.

For Example:

Matt has Douglas file his taxes, but doesn’t provide Douglas with all of the information that’s needed. Matt later receives a notice from the IRS requesting the missing information, and calls Douglas in a panic.

Thankfully, Matt’s return was automatically enrolled in Protection Plus because he employed My Tax Guy In Houston. Douglas proceeds to alert our third-party service provider, who when responds to all of Matt’s IRS notices, collects all information being requested by the IRS, and keeps Matt updated throughout the entire process.

Matt’s amended return is then filed without a hitch, and he is able to resolve a potentially serious IRS issue without ever having been directly involved—all at no extra cost to him.