Corporate reinstatement, My Tax Guy In Houston


Let’s put it this way: If self-guided online legal services—claiming to make business filing/formation “quick and easy”—were an effective tool, then we wouldn’t have to offer this service. It’s painfully common for new LLC’s to lose their charter after using such a service.


Because these popular online legal services are responsible for accepting claims and notices on your behalf, and yet frequently fail to notify you of it. By the time they get around to notifying you about any notices with implications to your business—if they notify you at all, that is—it’s typically too late to remedy the situation.

Reinstating a business entity requires diligence in dealing with the Comptroller, Secretary of State, Franchise Tax and other bureaus. We’ll start by sorting out the original mess and execute the best possible resolution. Afterward, we’ll put a system in place to receive official notices on your behalf and prevent the situation from ever arising again.

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